Some Tools In Our Shed

Our Makati office boasts of recording facilities for both the Macintosh and the PC format. The Mac is powered by the Pro Tools HD system. This audio posting suite is complemented by Pro Tools’ plug-ins for recording, mastering and re-mastering. Digidesign, Focusrite and Waves software are just some of our tools. With video digitizing and syncing capabilities, this studio is perfect for most audio posting demands of any client or agency. Betacam recorders and sync controllers allow dubbing to broadcast format. We can also do dubbing to CD, DVD or any other digital disc format required. We also do digital transcoding for over-the-net delivery of broadcast ready material.

Focusrite audio engines power our PC suite. Our PC studio is also equipped with most plug-ins, digitized video sync, recording, editing and dubbing hardware for the most demanding clients. This includes Waves platinum bundle software, Antares plug-ins, DSP-FX, SONAR FX just to name a few.

Both studios use tube preamps to power our large diaphragm microphones (Rode mics, KSM 32, KSM 44). Near-field shielded monitoring is used in all studios.

There are 3 posting and recording studios of varying sizes to accommodate up to 8 in-booth performers at a time. We also have 2 midi composition studios for music creation.

A full-range sound effects library, networks music library plus a library of voice talents for tagalong, English, local dialects and foreign languages (for both speaking and singing requirements) are also available for our clients. We also have a network of voice coaches for singing and speaking plus a pool of translators.