Partnering As Best Practice

At Noisy Neighbors inc. we do not believe in doing things alone. Through the years we have partnered with numerous agencies (LOWE, McCANN, Publicis Manila, J Romero & Associates, etc.); companies (Duty Free Philippines, Tupperware, AVON, Nestle, Coca-Cola, etc.); production houses (Provill, Unitel, Filmex, Videosonic, Roll Inc., Wildfire, etc.); events companies (Stages, Events.Work, G12, Events Pool, etc.); NGO’s and industry associations (ASAP, ASC, WWF, Caritas Manila, etc.); creative houses (, Stratworks, Executive Decisions, etc.) and even creative individuals. We’ve learned that best materials we’ve made (and the most fun to do) are the ones where all the stake holders share in the creative process. That is why we encourage our clients to visit our studio, join our recording sessions, and interact with our engineers, arrangers and talents.